7 Creative Ways to Give Back

At forgood, we understand that sometimes it’s hard to incorporate giving into your everyday life, so we’ve put together a list of seven creative ways to make giving fun!

Craft for Charity

Are you a creative Cathy or a DIY-er of sorts with spare time to put your skills to good use? Causes are always looking for people like you to help them learn a skill they can then make money off of, receive your spare materials or simply receive the goods you’re making!

Get Fit

There are TONS of Opportunities to get fit while doing something for good. Bicycling, running, walking – you name it, there is an Opportunity out there! For example, consider this Opportunity from Love Your Nuts in Cape Town.

Help our Furry Counterparts

If you haven’t got a pet of your own, why not volunteer your time playing with some cats and dogs to help socialize them for when they can find a loving home? Mazarat Animal Rescue in Western Cape has the perfect Opportunity for you to do so!

Donate Unused Frequent Flyer Miles

If you have frequent flier miles that are going to expire before your next trip, ask your airline if they have a donation program for charities they benefit. Delta, Emirates and Etihad are great examples of airlines that provide this service!

Get Married… Charitably!

Consider finding Causes that can provide a service to you on your wedding day! From a musical group to a botanist, there are tons of Opportunities to give business to the less fortunate on your special day.

Gifts that Give

Make your thoughtfulness, thoughtful-er! When you’re thinking of your next gift purchase, look for a gift that benefits a charity. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Throw a Party

We have birthday parties, showers and high teas, so why not celebrate a Cause? It’s a great way to show other how good it feels to give and be an active citizen. You could create care hampers, meals or anything, really!

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