8 things Causes need to know about ratings

We’re always asking our Causes to rate the donors & volunteers who they meet through forgood. Here’s a bit of background around the WHY and HOW…

1. We can’t improve the quality of Volunteers if you don’t rate them
Causes post Needs which our Donors/Volunteers respond to. But we (at forgood) don’t know if you are getting the help you need unless you, the Causes, let us know what actually happens…. UNLESS YOU RATE THE DONORS/VOLUNTEERS.
Letting us know how good/bad a volunteer is, helps us understand if we’re adding value to your Cause. RATINGS are a way to make your voice heard! That’s why you need to log into your Cause dashboard regularly to RATE activities that have happened already.

2. Quick reminder of the difference between Need responses & Offers
Need responses: This is when someone clicks on a Need you posted. Clicking on that specific need means they want to help you with what you asked for. Respond to them asap (either via email or directly on your dashboard) and from there make arrangements. If the person doesn’t respond back, give them a little time (say a 2weeks) and then rate them a 1 star.
Wait until the person has done what was needed before you rate their contribution.
Offers: These are not the same as Need responses. Offers go to multiple Causes, and the donor/volunteer will probably only be able to help one of the Causes.

If your Cause does NOT get the Offer, please don’t rate the User badly because they didn’t choose you. You can ARCHIVE the offer if you weren’t selected or if you’re not interested in that particular offer. If the person DOES choose you, then you can rate them according to the actual activity.

3. Why is rating SO important?

#1 It helps us understand what’s really happening on forgood – the good, the bad and the ugly!

#2 It gives our clients feedback on whether they’re adding value to you or not

#3 It helps us educate South Africans on how to be a better volunteer

#4 It gives us ideas on how we can improve the platform

#5 If you RATE all the actions on your forgood dashboard, your profile quality percentage goes up. Which means more exposure for your Cause. We’ll tell you a bit more about this later – but give it a try!

4. Please don’t rate volunteers if nothing has happened yet!
Please don’t rate a volunteer/donor 5* just because you want the offer or hope they’ll follow through on their commitment.

If you give a 5-star rating before the activity has happened (the donation hasn’t been dropped off, or the volunteer hasn’t done anything yet) – you skew the data we so carefully collect.

The other side of the problem is if you give a 1-star rating if you weren’t rewarded a specific offer. Remember an Offer gets sent to multiple Causes and only 1 gets chosen. This is NOT a reason to rate the volunteer badly.

We escalate EVERY corporate volunteer that is rated 1* or 2* to the corporate CSI team. That’s the only way we can educate volunteers and improve the quality of their commitments.

We can’t do this unless you rate them correctly.

5. Rating is good – you don’t have to feel bad…

Letting us know how good/bad a volunteer is, helps us understand if we’re adding value to your Cause. RATINGS are a way to make your voice heard! Causes often feel that giving bad ratings to a connection they make on forgood is nasty or rude. It doesn’t have to be!

EXAMPLE: Volunteer X said they’d come and help but you never heard from them again. This isn’t a great experience for you! On your dashboard, RATE them 1 STAR, tick the box “Would you like to send this rating and comment to X” and add a little message:

“We’re so sorry you never got back to us – we were looking forward to working with you. If you can still help, please get in touch!”

In this way, you’ve given forgood and the volunteer some important feedback without sounding nasty.

If they do get in touch and end up adding value, you can re-rate them and give them 5 stars!

And remember – you don’t have to send the comment to the volunteer unless you want to. But we’d really appreciate if you did. We care about the quality of volunteers and donors on the platform. Our corporate clients care even more, because these volunteers represent their brands.

6. An easy guide to rating volunteers

Did you know that volunteers rate you? That’s where your star rating on your Cause Profile Page comes from. So, don’t be scared to rate them back – let’s hold each other accountable for incredible giving experiences.

Our corporate clients are VERY interested in the ratings you give their volunteers. Each connection on forgood represents their brand – your experience with their employees is important to them.

Rating guide

Not sure what to rate each volunteer? Use our scale! Also look at our Quick Reference Card here.

1 Star: Not helpful at all. Unresponsive and/or rude. Committed to help and didn’t follow through.

2 Stars: Had some engagement with you, but didn’t deliver what was promised or disappeared after initial engagement.

3 Stars: Responsive, friendly, but it just didn’t work out – no hard feelings!

4 Stars: Responsive and helpful. Delivered what they promised. Added value to your Cause.

5 Stars: Great experience! Fulfilled the Need you posted on forgood. Professional. Added lots of value to your Cause.

7. Message volunteers/donors without rating them – before the activity has happened

When you click on an Activity – you can send the volunteer/donor a message (see the area on the left). Something like “are you available on Saturday?”. You can then continue your conversation with this person on email or using the SEND A MESSAGE feature.

Only AFTER they’ve done what they committed to do, do you RATE them on the right. This will increase your profile quality score and archive the activity.
When you RATE you will also have to add a comment explaining that rating. This comment helps us to know when to follow up, and it also gives the person an idea of what went wrong or what worked well.

8. We have a short video showing you exactly HOW to rate – please take a quick look!

Happy rating!

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