#CoronaVirus State of the NPO Sector #6 (How forgood can help…)

During the #CoronaVirus and COVID-19 pandemic, forgood and our network of corporate employee volunteering programmes can be a powerful platform for understanding the realtime needs of the NPO sector in South Africa. We have a Volunteering in the time of #CoronaVirus campaign up – which we update every day. There you’ll find all the ways you can assist NPOs during this difficult time.

This is a series of posts (a VoxPop, if you will) to understand the immediate reaction to the pandemic. Use this to identify ways to help and structure tactical CSI / CSR responses to organisations, beneficiaries and communities in need.

Our question to forgood’s 400+ NPOs:

How can we – at forgood – help you?

Africa Food For Thought: We really appreciate you sharing our posts, it is helping us reach new donors who are supporting our initiatives. 

APD Nelson Mandela Bay:  Our main need is finance. We require R450 000 to at least settle some supplier accounts and pay wages at the end of this month and next month. Can Forgood assist with donations / sponsorships or provide materials? Can Forgood assist by identifying potential donors, both local and international? Can Forgood help by publicising our needs to a greater audience?

Baby Hope House: Please put out that we need funds.

Bless-a-Baby: Thank you for all that you do do.  Pushing financial donations and virtual volunteering is good.

Botshabelo: Your work to connect us to corporate clients is help for us!!!

Community Women Action: Perhaps to help us set up a pop up Covid-19 testing station at our facility for a day or two, to assist with early detection, as well as set up an awareness session with small groups as they come for testing. We need to prevent unnecessary panic regarding the virus.

DAKTARI Bush School & Wildlife Orphanage: Any tip would be welcome obviously. How to communicate without talking about #coronavirus?

Epic Foundation: Our main focus is getting in donations of either content items or funding to purchase content items – any help with this will appreciated.

Epilepsy SA – Free State & North West Branch: I think by continually focusing corporate attention on the increasing needs of NGO in this time. Any crisis like the Coronavirus shifts focus but NGO’s must still continue to do the valuable work, often with increased costs and risks.

Fisantekraal Centre for Development: I guess marketing-wise and awareness of our projects would be a good start.

Gateway Health Institute: Help create awareness about the mobile phone campaign that will be launched.

Gerald Fitzpatrick House and Nursing Home: As our residents aren’t allowed to go shopping, donations of groceries (toilet paper, bread, milk etc.) for our 40 independent residents would be much appreciated. Also, continue promoting money donations as this is always much appreciated.

Great GirlsTrust: Keep doing what you are doing.

Heartlands Baby Sanctuary: Please – we need a wider net for corporate and individual donors – we have an Adopt a Cot campaign which shows the shortfall of each cot per month of which we have 25. We are therefore encouraging people to put a monthly debit order in place to help us maintain … anything from R100 to R7 000 per month (the shortfall on each cot per month).

i4118 Foundation NPC: Continue to be the supportive organisation of friends to all of us out here? 😊 If possible and with our means, we would also like to know if there are ways that we would serve others out there even if it is outside of our normal program.   

Kagcisham WOMEN Development Center: Opening an online donation platform for NPO, maybe allow email communication for your clients to pre-order goods donation and organisations can go collect the items.

Kids Haven: Please encourage ‘stay at home’ volunteering. Please encourage donations of dried food and tins, loaves of bread and second hand goods.  We anticipate an increased need in community support as the economy is impacted.  Please add household bleach (jik) and soap to donations.

Kwanliziyonye resource care centre: Communicating resources like musk cloves, jik to be distributed to the most vulnerable clients. Forgood can help me to fundraise funds to door to door visits, and to fundraise for the health materials.

MABANDL EAFRIKA: Unless there are parents that request to use our services during this period; we therefore seek your professional advice on how to deal with this situation should the parents persist.

Maitland Cottage Home Society: Forgood is on track by promoting Virtual Volunteering and money donations as easy, safe and impactful giving. 

Makabongwe PreSchool: Thank you to all at forgood for being pro-active on this and we would be grateful with any assistance with links to donors.

Phakamani Young Minds Academy: We hope that we can keep in touch in regards to any opportunities/ events that will transpire once the novel coronavirus has been contained.

Project Playground Trust: We would love forgood to also contribute financially or in-kind and help to share our initiatives with various organisations and the community at large in order to reduce the impact on the healthcare system and, in the long term, the national economy.

Rata Social Services NPC: We deal with the most vulnerable in our society and various offices have run out of basic necessities that is distributed to families, such as food, feminine products and toiletries. 

STAND: Assist with more personal support on fundraising campaigns.

The Character Company: Continue to be our friends? 😊 Perhaps you can help us to get a message out there that we all need to be vigilant but panic is causing more harm than anything.  If there are people in great need we would also like to know as we would like to help serve where we can even if it is outside of our normal program.   

The LifeMatters Foundation: We don’t have any needs at needs at the moment.  

The Teddy Bear Clinic for Abused Children: Perhaps we could give you a short summary of one of our projects including our funding shortfall for that particular project?

The Wot-If? Trust: We would appreciate if you could help with sharing our campaigns so we can increase their reach. 

Ya Bana Village for the children: I think this e mail is already an excellent help as I now remembered that I can also use this platform to help us.

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  1. Keep staying in touch with us so we do not feel too lonely ! Obviously financial support is more than ever welcome. Be the link between the charities and our corporates is some how reassuring and heartwarming.

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