#CoronaVirus State of the NPO Sector #7 (How corporates can help…)

During the #CoronaVirus and COVID-19 pandemic, forgood and our network of corporate employee volunteering programmes can be a powerful platform for understanding the realtime needs of the NPO sector in South Africa. We have a Volunteering in the time of #CoronaVirus campaign up – which we update every day. There you’ll find all the ways you can assist NPOs during this difficult time.

This is a series of posts (a VoxPop, if you will) to understand the immediate reaction to the pandemic. Use this to identify ways to help and structure tactical CSI / CSR responses to organisations, beneficiaries and communities in need.

Our question to forgood’s 400+ NPOs:

How can our corporate clients help you?

Africa Food For Thought: Apart from programme logistics, our biggest challenge is that we are going to be moving at the end of the month. We were counting on having lots of volunteer hands to help us, now that is looking unlikely… 

APD Nelson Mandela Bay: Our main need is finance…we require R450 000 to at least settle some supplier accounts and pay wages at the end of this month and next month. Can Corporates assist with donations / sponsorships / materials? Corporates can benefit by 18A certificates. We need funding and all aspects can be negotiated. NOTE: This NPO is not currently active on forgood

Aryan Benovolent Home: We need face masks, hand sanitisers, disinfectant spray bottles and gloves for our charity. We hope that companies will drop off their donations at 80 Arena Park Drive, Chatsworth.

Baby Hope House: By donating much needed funds for which they will get a 18A tax certificate.

Bless-a-Baby: Product or financials donations are still required.

Botshabelo: Look at how to give. A lot of charities like us still have to run through all this (particularly our Babies’ Home, and paying our staff) and donations in-kind are starting to stall already (less formula, less nappies, etc.) Let them consider how they can GIVE financially at this stage – can they do Matched Giving with their employees???

Community Women Action: If there is a company that can donate hand sanitiser, face masks, or rubber gloves that would assist us. As well as providing testing for staff and students.

DAKTARI Bush School & Wildlife Orphanage: We honestly do not see how corporates can help as they will all have to save their business before anything 😢 It is understandable. What they can do internally in their companies is to make sure the precautions against the spread are respected and implemented.

Epic Foundation: Our main focus is getting in donations of either content items or funding to purchase content items – any help with this will appreciated.

Epilepsy SA – Free State & North West Branch: Currently our greatest need at this stage of the pandemic is hand sanitisers and dispensers, hand soap and paper towels. This will change should the situation deteriorate.

Fisantekraal Centre for Development: Keep communication open and continue with partnership building. The virus won’t be as bad forever, this too shall pass and we could focus on other aspects that do not require face to face meetings or mass gatherings.

Gateway Health Institute: Every R20 donation will help us reach one poor/rural family with valuable, accurate information on Covid19.

Gerald Fitzpatrick House and Nursing Home: As our residents aren’t allowed to go shopping, donations of groceries (toilet paper, bread, milk etc.) for our 40 independent residents would be much appreciated.

Great GirlsTrust: Keep donating and volunteering in future.

Heartlands Baby Sanctuary: Please – we need a wider net for corporate and individual donors – we have an Adopt a Cot campaign which shows the shortfall of each cot per month of which we have 25. We are therefore encouraging people to put a monthly debit order in place to help us maintain … anything from R100 to R7 000 per month (the shortfall on each cot per month).

i4118 Foundation NPC: The financial impact on the NGO sector is going to be huge so maybe they can encourage staff to pull together and make small contributions to NGO’s.  Also, encourage them to find ways to assist NGO’s to put in place sustainability measures that will enable us to become more self-sustainable, that will allow NGO’s to weather these types of crises better.

Kagcisham WOMEN Development Center: To support by donating non-contact products such as accounting service, funds, data, airtime etc. 

Khulisa Social Solutions – Shared Service Centre: Khulisa employs social workers and auxiliary social workers throughout SA.  They are trained in areas such as conflict management, cohesion, peace-making, dialogue circles, anxiety management, counselling, debriefing and managing post-traumatic stress. Would any corporates who are experiencing turmoil amongst their personnel benefit from Khulisa assisting them?  The services would extend way beyond conducting group discussions, but also, in order to inform any interventions made, assisting with the design and implementation of a climate survey within the organisation which will be analysed to understand how different staff in different groupings (departmental demographic, environmental, personality, etc.) are reacting to this virus and how best we could intervene.  We would also be able to conduct a pre and post-assessment on each intervention. Lastly, through an engagement of this nature, we could also identify which staff may have sufficient skills to conduct some voluntary community outreach programmes.

Kids Haven: Please don’t visit our home where the children live but we would continue to appreciate donations in kind to support our communities and families who will be impacted economically.  Even the homeless on the streets are likely to struggle more as traffic is reduced and they do not earn income from begging and parking cars.  Kids Haven is continuing the soup kitchen but as a take away and not as a sit down meal.  Please share soap, sanitizers, bleach.

Kwanliziyonye resource care centre: They can help us continue health education as our rural area is also consist of many farmers, if they can raise funds for us.

MABANDL EAFRIKA: We would like to get supply of sanitisers so that when we resume services – we carry on using hand sanitizers as our daily services.

Maitland Cottage Home Society:  Corporate clients could contact us via phone 021 674 2090, via website www.mch.org.za, via Email fund@mch.org.za or via Facebook: Maitland Cottage Children’s Orthopaedic Hospital to assist us with our needs, especially our most critical need of either donations of or funding for hand sanitisers, soaps, disinfectant cleaners and surgical masks as all the extra precautions are costly to an already stretched budget.

Makabongwe PreSchool: Our challenge will be for the payment of the minimal school fees our parents pay.  This money helps with the covering of our costs.  The biggest of these is salaries which must still be paid.  Our parents will have financial challenges as many are street traders whose income will be affected by the restrictions placed on the movement of people as well as the fact that they will now have to feed their children at home.  (Makabongwe provides breakfast, a cooked lunch and morning and afternoon snacks). Donations of a financial nature would be hugely helpful for us.  We must incur the cost of sanitizers, spray bottles and additional cleaning material and also still pay our staff despite anticipated reduced income.

Noah: Help us ensure their food security by paying towards a daily balanced meal which costs R15 and will be delivered to our beneficiaries in Khayelitsha. Our appeal to you is not a ‘nice to have’. Right now, our people risk dying and we are doing everything in our power to prevent that from happening.

Phakamani Young Minds Academy: Continue sharing opportunities with us. Also keep us updated on any positive developments once the situation normalises.

Project Playground Trust: We are asking our donors for immediate support so we can put these actions into effect and reduce the spread of Coronavirus through the above education and wellness campaigns.

Rata Social Services NPC: We will be able to provide services more effectively during this time if we could provide our personnel with the necessary equipment, which will enable them to work from home.  We have 14 offices with 38 social workers.  If we can provide 6 laptops and cell phones, with 10 modems, we will be able to implement a rotational work-from-home schedule more effectively.

Retina South Africa, a patient-driven action group: We may in future be requesting help with communication but right now we have an effective communication system

STAND: Provide funding support

TEARS Animal Rescue: Our charity shops will remain open, with all proceeds going to rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming efforts. Please do support TEARS by either donating goods for resale or taking advantage of some great bargains.

The Character Company: The financial impact on the NGO sector is going to be huge so maybe corporate clients can encourage their staff to pull together and make small contributions to NGO’s that are struggling.  We will always appreciate the help but our hard work to put in place sustainability measures means that we are not currently in a crisis so we do not want to take from NGO’s that might really need help to just keep their doors open.  Our biggest need right now would be food for camps and maybe people that are staying home can clean out their cupboards and donate old clothes to our and/or help to pre-cook some meals for our camps.

The LifeMatters Foundation: We don’t have any needs at needs at the moment.  

The Wot-If? Trust: Corporates could help by donating either soap, devices (laptops, tablets, smart phones), data, funds to buy Nutriwell food packs or by sharing tips on how our entrepreneurs can keep their businesses thriving under these tough circumstances. 

Ya Bana Village for the children: We are worried about our community – some people do not have running water – even soap. We would love it if corporates could set up hand washing stations all over poorer communities – taxi ranks, spaza shops.

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