Corporate Social Investment: The Life Is Easy Edition

Your job as a CSI practitioner is challenging. Your life as a human being in South Africa…even more so.

Which is why we’ve created the forgood ‘Life Is Easy’ roadmap. We work with you to eliminate the admin and the potholes that come hand-in-volunteering with getting your employees to participate in volunteering campaigns and in reaching out to communities.


Well, first we have developed Payroll Giving

This is an easy solution to the endless paperwork that comes with paying out donated funds towards payroll giving. We collect and process the donations from your employees to your chosen Causes and we arrange for you to receive your 18A certificates.

Easy. Tick.

Then, we have created volunteering access for all

Accessing employees without laptops or email accounts has been a barrier for CSIs who want all their staff to participate in volunteering events. We solved this with smart WhatsApp bots that handle registrations, event signups, message sending and reporting. It’s a smart and simple solution that taps into the massive WhatsApp market in South Africa – currently it is used by 58% of South African mobile phone users!

This easy and accessible solution reaches ALL your employees. Tick.

Third is our expansion into Africa and Europe

Now you can create a centralised volunteering platform that grants access to Causes in South Africa, Africa and Europe so your employees from anywhere in the world can donate and volunteer for causes in their area.

Global Causes? Simple.

Fourth is painless Matched Giving

Nobody likes complicated, even fewer people like pain, which is why we have taken the pain out of Matched Giving (also known as Matched Funding) so your employees can boost their fundraising. You can match the money they’ve raised, rand for rand, using our smart solution. You send your employees to one platform to donate, get matched, receive 18A certificates and view their matching threshold.

Painless giving. Easy.

Finally, in fifth place is…smart single sign-on

Your employees can now access their forgood employee volunteering with smart and simple single sign-on. They can sign in from your intranet or internal systems and, with our single sign-on update,
they won’t even know they’ve left your internal system and moved onto their employee volunteering platform.

Smart and simple volunteering engagement

As a CSI professional, you know that volunteering is more than a tick box, it is an exercise and a powerful way of building community and culture within the business. Now, you

can tap into all these benefits and build an engaged and committed workforce without unnecessary paperwork, problems or processes.

Sign onto forgood simplicity here by emailing us on for more information.

Simple goodness, simply forgood.

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