CSI. It’s not engagement you need, it’s passion.

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSI) has the power to change how your customers perceive your business. Customers want companies that care. CSI creates engaged and happier employees. It reduces staff turnover, it improves productivity and it positively impacts the bottom line.

It’s also struggling to be heard.

The South African CSI Industry Report found that South African companies aren’t optimistic about their CSI strategies or their potential.

Nobody is listening…

Want people to listen? Your CSI strategy can evolve from banging your head against the wall to breaking down walls and building communities through employee volunteering!

Volunteering is the key to unlocking employee passion and getting CSI voices heard.

Microsoft’s commitment to employee volunteering saw them donate 700,000 volunteer hours in 2017 alone.

Deloitte’s 2017 Volunteerism Survey saw 70% of respondents state that volunteer activities are more likely to boost employee morale and 77% said that volunteering was essential to employee wellbeing.

Volunteering ticks the boxes that the business wants to make CSI a reality. It also inspires the people who form the backbone of your business and turns employee engagement into employee passion. Want to know more about how to overcome the budget cuts and lack of resources that impact your ability to make your CSI thrive?

This is how CSI wakes the world.

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