Employee retention with CSI volunteering

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Think that a Corporate Social Investment (CSI) strategy isn’t set to impact your bottom line?


Your CSI initiatives are very likely the reason your business is the one recruiting and keeping top South African talent.

Employee volunteering has a proven track record in inspiring employees and making them feel part of a community. In the report ‘The Practice and Promise of Community Engagement’, authors Paula Speevak and Joanna Kaleniecka found that employee volunteering delivers no less than 24 clear business benefits.

Let’s unpack three of the most relevant benefits from that report: Employee retention, reduced absenteeism and employee recruitment. In a market packed with limited talent and plenty of demand, the ability to catch the attention of the best people, and keep them, is invaluable.

View all 24 business benefits here.

There is also plenty of research on the topic. Every statistic pointing to how a CSI volunteering programme with access to charity, causes and community development, can fundamentally change your employee’s relationship with your business.

The Goodness Engagement Study is packed with the stats to prove the business benefits to company volunteering point. It’s further supported by research undertaken by Christiane Bode and Jasit Singh in a study entitled Corporate Social Initiatives and Employee Retention.  And, in The Business Case for Corporate Volunteering, the research showed that 32% of candidates would be influenced by access to a company volunteering programme.

Your commitment to society and community will earn you engagement and commitment from your employees.

It’s not the free sandwiches and funky indoor garden that builds a culture that retains employees. It’s the ability to engage with community, learn new skills and feel fulfilled. It’s opportunity, emotional wellbeing and sustainable personal growth.

And these are not just the demands of the much maligned millennial, either.  Generation X is the one that volunteers the most and Generation Z is the one that has seen 67% volunteer over the past 12 months.

In short. Employees are looking for ways to make a difference. Your CSI strategy is the perfect tool to make this happen.

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