5 hacks to expressing gratitude daily.

It’s been scientifically proven that grateful people are generally happier than their ungrateful counterparts. When we appreciate what we have and are a positive, optimistic person, it reduces our negativity. So why not express gratitude on the daily?!

The first step to gratitude is to acknowledge it at least once a day. By looking for things we can be thankful for regularly, it will eventually become second-nature which will leave us happier than we were before! Here are five easy ways to bring gratitude into your every day life that are sure to make you your happiest self:

Five easy ways to express thankfulness:

Journal. Take a minute or two out of your day to write down a few positive experiences you had that day. Perhaps it was a favour you received or a phone call from a friend or loved one. By writing these instances down, you’re able to track the things that made you happy and look back on them at times when you may need it most.

Be vocal about it. Did someone impress you or go out of their way for you? Well then, let them know! When you express your gratitude to those around you, you’re leaving them with an impression that is rewarding for both of you.

Volunteer. In the words of Gandhi, “the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service to others”. This (in our humble opinion) may be one of the best ways to show your appreciation for all that you have. And the best tool to do so? forgood, of course!

Be respectful. Respect your peers, your neighbour, your family and most importantly, yourself. By being courteous and kind to others, you are setting a precedent for how you would like to be treated. Don’t forget to listen, be patient and smile.

Don’t be a Negative Nancy. This one might go without saying, but when you find yourself complaining, all you’re doing is inviting negativity into your life. Instead, breathe and focus on something positive. Healthy habits are smart habits!

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  1. Social responsibility is about improving communities. I encourage my family to play their role in the community. We support all organisations doing good work.
    Working inside of a NGO, I understand the importance of funding, volunteers & support.

  2. I am sincerely grateful for the commitment of my staff at Lesedi Hospice.
    I am sincerely grateful for my family support and care.
    I am sincerely grateful to be so healthy at my age and to do my work.

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