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Here at forgood, we call NGOs, NPOs and charities, Causes.

Why “Cause” you might ask? Simply put, all the other names just sound… tired. And to us, Causes are anything but!  They are the people striving to make the world a better place. Our Causes fall into a wide range of categories and focus areas (17 to be exact!). From Women, Children, & Youth, Education, assisting the Disabled, to Pets & Wildlife, we support every organisation in the social sector.

For Causes already registered on forgood, we have assembled a toolkit to help you run your organisation:

  • Using forgood – All you need to know if you are a Cause registered on forgood. How to manage your profile, how to make sure you get the most benefit from loading optimal Needs, responding to Offers and rating your Volunteers!
  • Managing Volunteers – We’ve gathered valuable documents and guidelines on how to manage Volunteers coming to help at your Cause. These documents were put together by some of our friendly Causes who made them available for us to share! They have areas which overlap, but you can take a look and use individual sections and clauses as applicable to your specific Cause and purpose. Using and adapting these documents may help you plan and execute volunteer events better.
  • Compliance – If your Cause doesn’t meet forgood’s requirements, you won’t be able to register with us. This is where you will find some useful information on what you have to do to become compliant to work with us.
  • Resources – Here are some interesting research reports which you can use to arm yourself with knowledge and keep up to date with what’s happening in the charity world!

To make sure that we are creating the best giving experiences for both the Cause and the Volunteer, we’ve created a set of requirements for our Causes in order to register:

Cause Requirements:

  • Proof that the Cause is older than 1 year
  • Documentation that proves the Cause is older than 1 year (we accept the following: NPO certificate, NPC certificate, or Public Benefit Trust Deed)
  • Latest Tax Clearance Certificate from SARS.
  • The Cause logo (in JPG or PNG format).
  • Contact details
  • A list of skills and resources that you need
  • PBO Certificate (your income tax exemption letter from SARS). Either Section 30 or Section 18A are accepted.

*If you represent or manage a registered charity, forgood can provide your organisation with skilled volunteers, goods donations and valuable connections into corporate employee volunteering programmes. If you meet these requirements, click here!

Forgood gives our Causes the chance to connect with people who have the skills or goods they need to solve social problems and continue serving their communities. In addition, the platform acts as a marketing platform, exposing the work that you’re doing to the world.

To get the most benefit out of forgood – we ask our Causes to focus on creating, maintaining, and always adding fresh content. More importantly, be responsive and engaged – that’s how you’ll achieve maximum impact from our platform.

To find our more information about becoming a Cause, check out How it Works!

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