forgood’s Volunteering Journeys

One of the best features of the forgood Platform is that it allows you to give back exactly how you’d like.  With various Journeys you can take, here are the most popular and how you can make the most of them.

Journeys on the forgood platform

The great thing about volunteering with forgood is that it doesn’t limit you in the ways you can volunteer.  You can volunteer both your time and your skills!  The Volunteer Time journey allows you to browse volunteering Opportunities by filtering the location, Cause category, and subcategory.   Once you choose a Cause you’d like to volunteer with, you’ll be asked to provide all your necessary contact details and some background information about how you can help that particular Cause.  Go try it out here →  Volunteer Time

Donating goods on the platform is as easy as pie!  Similar to the Volunteer Time journey, the Donate Goods journey allows you to filter through the Donation Opportunities the same way.  Once you find an Opportunity that interests you and that you think they can benefit from your previously loved goods, you’ll be asked to provide the Cause with your personal details.  If the Cause accepts what it is you’re donating, then you’re all good to go!  You can see how simple it is to find a Donation Opportunity here →  Donate Goods

If you’d like to see which Causes are out there that you might like to work with, then Find Causes is the journey for you.  This allows you to filter through Causes the same way that you would if you were volunteering your time or donating goods.  This way, you can connect with a Cause that interests you and find ways in which you can help!  You can find Causes to work with in your area here →  Find Causes

Perhaps you’ve gone through all the journey’s listed above but haven’t exactly found the perfect Opportunity for you.  The final option you have is to create an Offer.  Creating an Offer allows you to give back on your own terms. What this means is that you can say exactly how you’d like to volunteer or what you’d like to donate.  You’ll then be given the option to match your offer out to Causes in your geographic area and interest category. Relevant Causes will receive your message and will get back to you if they can use your help. Then, you choose which Cause(s) to work with!   If you already know of an Offer you might like to make, create it here → Create an Offer

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