#forgoodfabfiveday – Five Fabulous Opportunities!

Your Fridays just got better!

At forgood, we’re constantly trying to bring more value to both our Volunteers and our Causes. In a brainstorm about how we can better inspire you while promoting some of the unique, interesting, clever and fabulous Opportunities that are out there, we’ve thought up… #forgoodfabfiveday!

Every Friday, we plan on sharing five fabulous Opportunities that have a creative flair to them and are worth sharing with our networks, to show you some truly original ways you can get involved. We’re introducing this to you here, but plan on running it on our social media channels every Friday. So, if you’re not already part of our Volunteers Network on Facebook, go join it now! You can also follow us on Twitter or like our Facebook page because they are all incredible resources that put some of the best insights to volunteering right at your fingertips.

In the meantime, I’d like to share with you our very first #forgoodfabfiveday Opportunities!

  1. Help Ladybrand Hospice with 50 volunteers for less than an hour for Recipe Submissions.
    Located in the Free State, Ladybrand Hospice helps the terminally ill by providing home-based palliative care. They are looking for recipe submissions (preferably hand-written and well loved) for their first cookbook. The Hospice House Cook Book is part of their 2018 fundraising plans and the proceeds will be going towards the excellent work done to provide palliative care for terminally ill patients in the Ladybrand community!
  2. Help Breath of Life with 4 volunteers for 1-4 hours for holding, loving, feeding and playing with their babies.
    In East London, Breath of Life is busy helping abandoned babies and women in crisis pregnancy by providing a place of safety and counsel to mothers in need. Currently, they don’t have enough arms to hold and love the babies in their care. If you have two arms and some extra love, then this might just be the Opportunity for you!

  3. Help REPSSI (Regional Psychosocial Support Initiative) by donating cross-border courier services for reducing costs of delivery to remote students.
    REPSSI helps to reduce the devastating social and emotional impact of HIV and AIDS, poverty and conflict in children and youth across Eastern and Southern Africa. Some of the children they work with are in rural areas and need their study materials couriered to them, which can be expensive! Donate to this Cause and find out how you can help to reduce those costs.
  4. Help FORA – Friends of Rescued Animals with 100 volunteers for 4-8 hours for getting a tattoo.
    This fundraiser is a twofer! You get that tattoo you’ve been waiting to get while helping fund FORA, a shelter for abandoned dogs and cats that gives them a second chance at finding a loving home. All cats and dogs at FORA are de-wormed, vaccinated, sterilised and provided any additional veterinary care they may need until they’re adopted. Go get tatted and donate!

  5. Help Great Girls with 10 volunteers for more than eight hours by mentoring our girls, helping them to be successful.
    Everyone deserves a role model – and that can be you! Great Girls helps to give girls from disadvantaged backgrounds the skills they need to get full-time employment. This Opportunity asks that you attend approximately five meetings a year, in Cape Town, where you will help mentor girls into becoming empowered women!

There they are! Five great ways to get involved, across the country. If some of these Opportunities have inspired you, but aren’t exactly the perfect fit, create an Offer that’s perfect for you! Offers allow you to say what you’d like to donate or how you’d like to volunteer – be it your time, skills, or previously loved goods. Your Offer gets sent out to Causes near you and if they can use your help, they’ll let you know! Then, you get to choose which Cause to work with.

With so many ways to get involved on forgood, how could you not?!

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