Gender-based violence is at unprecedented levels in South Africa 

One in four women will experience violence from men, and are five times more likely to be killed than men. It is time to change.

• A woman is murdered every three hours in South Africa
• It has become critical to invest into changing mindsets to resolve the culture of toxic masculinity that pervades the country
• Self-defence and self-awareness training can fundamentally empower women in South Africa
• Sun International and forgood team up to create free women empowerment self-defence programme that’s accessible to anyone online

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA – November 2022 – Sun International, a leading resort hotel chain in South Africa, and forgood, an online platform that connects passionate people and corporates to worthy causes, have come together to make inroads into the gender-based violence (GBV) pandemic in South Africa.

To this end, Sun International has paired up with forgood to create awareness and to empower and inform all women through accessible, online self-defence sessions. These self-defence classes are available free of charge and are designed to put the power back in women’s hands. The classes and the campaign initiated by the hotel chain are aligned to the 16 Days of Activism where people around the world come together to raise awareness around GBV, to challenge discriminatory attitudes and to end violence against women.

The free virtual event is taking place on Microsoft Teams but requires that attendees sign up by 4 December to ensure they secure their spot. It will include insights and support from Lawyers Against Abuse as well as information that women can use to empower themselves to react meaningfully in dangerous situations.

Attendees will learn techniques that will help them to get out of violent encounters, and they will also be equipped with the resources they need to prevent themselves, and others, from becoming victims of GBV. This campaign is designed to have as meaningful an impact as possible, and we want as many women as possible to sign up and take advantage of this free self-defence training experience.

The campaign is running on social media with the hashtags #EndGBV, #Empowerment #Equipped and hopes to reach as many women as possible so as to help them out of difficult and physically dangerous situations.

Watch the recording of the webinar here.

It’s time for women to get the resources they need to #EndGBV for good.  

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