Gender-based Violence. Less Talk, More Action

The latest crime statistics show that more than 900 women in South Africa were killed in just three months, with 232 of these murders directly linked to domestic violence.

One in five women have experienced physical violence by a partner. The violent deaths of women in South Africa at the hands of their loved ones, occurs with sickening regularity.  

Preventing violence has never been more urgent. See how you can ensure your employees are empowered to know how to prevent being victims.

How your company can systematically STOP GBV:

SHE CAN overcome

South Africa’s first female only, virtual anonymous webinar. A safe place for women to discuss sensitive information around GBV.

The panel would include:

  • Gender Activist
  • Lawyer
  • Psychologist
  • Representative from your HR/Wellness department

Self-Defense Class

Empower the women in your organisation to meaningfully react in dangerous situations and find out what assistance is available from a GBV Cause, through this one hour virtual event.

NOEXCUSE FOR ABUSE virtual training programme

A course focused on ensuring men discover how they can harness their masculinity in a positive way to put an end to GBV.

What’s covered:

  • Six fundamental forms GBV takes
  • The four main reasons GBV happens
  • The five actions every man can take to stop GBV

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