How to make use of Offers

Offers are an amazing way for individuals who have a specific idea of helping to connect with a variety of Causes to see who is the best fit.

This is a more complex interaction, and can cause a bit of confusion. Please make sure you, as a Cause, understand Offers and how they work, so that you can make the most of them.

  • Offers are matched to more than one Cause. Our system matches Offers to Causes based on the Cause category and the Cause location. All Offers are visible on the listing site – but it’s best to only look at the Offers on your dashboard. Those are the ones that were matched to your Cause specifically.
  • When you are matched to an Offer, you will receive an email. If you’re interested in the Offer, follow up with the volunteer / donor as soon as possible. Send them a brief motivation about how you could use it and the impact it will have on your Cause or Beneficiaries. Don’t be upset if you don’t get a reply, there are often too many responses for a volunteer or donor to deal with.
  • If you’re NOT interested in this Offer, archive it on your Cause Dashboard – this helps increase your Profile Quality and Engagement score!
On your Cause dashboard – look at your unrated activities and archive Offers you are not interested in
  • Only rate the Offer if it was awarded to you, based on your experience working with the person. If you’re NOT awarded the Offer, please don’t rate the user badly because they didn’t choose you – simply archive it on your Cause Dashboard.
  • Please also don’t give a high rating to show the person how much you’d like the Offer.
  • Don’t rate the Offer if you think it is a great Offer. Only rate the Offer if the person made it clear they chose your Cause, and after the action happened or didn’t happen.
  • Offers go very quick. If you missed an Offer and only see it a couple of weeks / months later, it has probably already been taken. It’s best to archive that Offer as it is too late to try and apply for it.
  • If you don’t get a specific Offer, a good idea is to post that as a Need. So if you wanted an Offer for bookkeeping skills for example, why not create a Need for a bookkeeper?