How to Rate a Cause

We’re always asking our Causes to rate the donors & volunteers who they meet through forgood. We also encourate our donors & volunteers to rate the Causes they have worked with.

Rating every activity is important because it allows us to improve the quality of the experiences you have on forgood!

Here’s a bit of background around the WHY and HOW…

#1 It helps us understand what’s really happening on forgood – the good, the bad and the ugly!

#2 It gives our Causes feedback on whether they’re giving you an easy way to get involved.

#3 It gives us ideas on how we can improve the platform

How to log in and rate your interactions with Causes:

  • Log in by using your login credentials
  • Click on your name in the upper right-hand corner of the screen
  • Select the option “Dashboard”
  • Under the tab “My Activities” you can see all your volunteer/donation activities 
  • Select “Unrated Activities” to see the ones you need to rate
  • You can leave a comment explaining your rating. The comment will go to the Cause only if you select that tickbox

Not sure what to rate each volunteer? Use our scale!

1 Star: Not helpful at all. Unresponsive and/or rude.

2 Stars: Had some engagement with you, but didn’t allow you to fulfill your donation / volunteer opportunity

3 Stars: Responsive, friendly, but it just didn’t work out – no hard feelings!

4 Stars: Responsive and helpful. You were able to add value to the Cause.

5 Stars: Great experience! You were able to fulfill the Need you responded to on forgood. Professional.

Happy rating!

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