How to Rate people who donate or volunteer

Why is it important for Causes to rate donors & volunteers?

#1 It helps us understand what’s really happening on forgood – the good, the bad and the ugly!

#2 It gives our clients feedback on whether they’re adding value to you or not

#3 It helps us educate South Africans on how to be a better volunteer

#4 It gives us ideas on how we can improve the platform

#5 If you RATE all the actions on your forgood dashboard, your profile quality percentage goes up. Which means more exposure for your Cause.

Read more about rating – the why, the how and the who!

Steps showing you how to Rate

Not sure what to rate each volunteer? Use our scale! Also look at our Quick Reference Card here.

1 Star: Not helpful at all. Unresponsive and/or rude. Committed to help and didn’t follow through.

2 Stars: Had some engagement with you, but didn’t deliver what was promised or disappeared after initial engagement.

3 Stars: Responsive, friendly, but it just didn’t work out – no hard feelings!

4 Stars: Responsive and helpful. Delivered what they promised. Added value to your Cause.

5 Stars: Great experience! Fulfilled the Need you posted on forgood. Professional. Added lots of value to your Cause.

Happy rating!