How to win your employees over. The Standard Bank way.

Standard Bank believes in more than just financial success. The Bank understands the power their employees hold in shaping South Africa’s future. That’s why they’ve championed employee volunteering like no other.

In the pursuit of excellence, Standard Bank have crafted a winning formula:

Success = Diversity & Inclusion + Robust Employee Support + Ongoing Programmes.

We sat down with Nkateko Mabale the powerhouse CSI Employee Community Involvement Manager to dive into her expertise on the winning formula.

Nkateko explains, “Diversity and inclusion leaders are the superheroes of engagement as they have a mandate to drive volunteering! They’re not just reaching employees that marketing can’t reach; they’re empowering them to take action, ensuring everyone feels like part of the dream team. By involving them from project inception, we foster a sense of belonging. The result? An outpouring of positivity that’s unstoppable!”

But it’s not just about inclusivity; it’s about infrastructure. “It’s important to create structures, processes and guidelines so your EVP runs effectively. Our open-door policy ensures constant support, guiding employees with our volunteering toolkit and matching them with opportunities on the Standard Bank For Good platform.”

What about impact? “Look no further than our Rand4Rand matching programme, where employee donations are doubled. Taking into account that their impact will be doubled, actively drives employees to participate in projects. In 2023 alone, over R1 million was matched, thanks to our leadership’s unwavering support.”

Yet, there’s more to be done. “To enhance volunteering in South Africa, we need to advocate for increased volunteering hours and leave days to at least 3 – 5 days per annum. After all, permission to “play” is key to boosting employee engagement and morale”, says Nkateko.

“As we pave the way for change, we’re implementing aService Month Volunteering Manifesto’ to recognize our employees’ remarkable volunteering efforts and bolster their well-being and help reduce some of their day to day work stress.”

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