How Volunteering Makes You More Attractive

When considering what makes people attractive, you may think that a sense of humour, loyalty and good looks are some of the most dominate factors. But, we’re here to tell you otherwise and have the research to back it up.

In a recent study performed by eHarmony and JustGiving in the UK, charitable giving boosts perceived attractiveness by 32%! The underlying message of what this means isn’t as shallow is it may seem, though.  What this study has indicated is that an individual’s altruistic nature is a key indicator in the satisfaction of a relationship. This can be an easy assumption to make. People who are more likely to give of themselves, or be selfless in their relationships, tend to have more success in their relationships. Compare this to someone who may be less altruistic – there could be more conflict in the relationship, therefore, appearing less attractive than those who give.

When looking at the drivers of communication in terms of volunteering, the research uncovered that people who referenced philanthropy on their dating profiles by using terms like charity, volunteering, giving or donating, received over 34% more communication than individuals who don’t! In addition, while reviewing the psychological analysis derived from eHarmony’s Relationship Questionaire, people who are naturally more generous receive almost 80% more messages than those who don’t. Some cool statistics to take into consideration if you’re not looking to be “left on read” so often.

How does this data compare to South Africa?

Shared in our Patterns of Giving in South Africa post, almost 14 000 social impact connections have been facilitated on forgood.  In a sample of over 6 000 South Africans who volunteered through our platform, 90% of people gave volunteered their time and their skills – the ultimate social investment. Not only does this tell us that a lot of good is being done to help those in need, but that as a country, we’re pretty sexy!

After all that being said, maybe you feel like doing good or maybe you’d like to increase your chances of being “swiped right”. Our suggestion is to think of something you’re good at or of something you no longer need and create an Offer for it. Then, your Offer will get sent out to Causes in your area and then you can choose which Cause to work with. We also have a bunch of themed Campaigns you can browse through if you’d like a little more guidance!

In any sense, if you’re reading this then you’re most likely someone who exhibits altruism and that makes you pretty attractive in our books.

Visit forgood, SA’s largest volunteering and donation platform


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