It’s all about impact! Top 3 Mandela Day events to drive engagement

Events are a great starting point for building an employee volunteering culture. Group activities are a popular choice because they encourage healthy competition, collaborating behind a common goal and act as a team building exercise.

Employees are able to see the instant impact they are making, and this encourages them to do more. Volunteering post Mandela Day allows you to diversify your impact. Your organisation can take part in packing events, building vegetable gardens and so much more.

The top 3 high engagement events forgood has seen in the past:

Packing events are high energy activities that employees love! They provide competition and push teams to work together to meet their targets, which is all part of the thrill. Employees leave with a great sense of accomplishment from packing meals, stationery items or festive boxes.

Festival of Giving is a full day packed with action from different volunteering activities. Think… planting vegetable gardens, packing food parcels, creating beautiful winter blankets, shopping in a Cause market and more, this is the ideal one-stop shop for volunteering. Something for every type of volunteer.

Eco Bricks to Eco Centre revolutionised the use of 2-litre bottles filled with waste. Eco-bricks generated memorable opportunities for employees to build a centre for the community of Diepsloot. This activity was the definition of ‘getting your hands dirty’.

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