How to load new Needs on your Cause dashboard

By adding new Needs to your Cause Dashboard you tell our donors & volunteers exactly how they can help you. Not with the standard ways of volunteering (like planting gardens or helping with your beneficiaries) – but relevant and meaningful involvement with your Cause.

Original, clever Needs are a great way to catch attention. If you’re only thinking of volunteers in the traditional way, you may be missing out! A volunteer is anyone who spends time doing something he/she enjoys and is skilled at – at the same time benefitting you and your Cause.

Here are a few ideas to get you going:

  • Invite people to join your Fundraising event. Ask for 100 volunteers to buy tickets to your event!
  • Ask people to like and share your social media pages!
  • Get small groups to participate in sports events.
  • Have our users sign up and choose your Cause as their MySchool beneficiary….

Quick HOW TO Guide

1. Sign in to your Cause Dashboard
2. Click on the NEEDS button on the navigation tab
3. Click on “+New Need” button
4. Follow the prompts

If you’re stil not sure how to load a new Need – watch this video: