Managing Volunteers

We’ve gathered valuable documents and guidelines on how to manage Volunteers coming to help at your Cause. These documents were put together by some of our friendly Causes who made them available for us to share! They have areas which overlap, but you can take a look and use individual sections and clauses as applicable to your specific Cause and purpose. Using and adapting these documents may help you plan and execute volunteer events better.

Jill Ritchie’s book – Fundraising for non-profits – has a very informative chapter on Volunteer Management which is a great place to start your research at.

Here are some of the handy documents which you can download and adapt accordingly:

  • Volunteer Registration & Screening Form. The first document to send to potential new volunteers. This is a great way to get data on people interested in your Cause, and to see who is willing to take the time to submit information. This form gives you the basic details of volunteers. Download here. 
  • Standard Volunteer Agreement. This is an agreement signed by new volunteers.  Download here.
  • Standard Volunteer Application Form. A shortened version where volunteers just fill out basic details. Download here.
  • Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement. Most often used when working with children. Download here.
  • Standard Child Protection Policy. Especially for volunteers who come into close or direct contact with any child during an event. Download here. 
  • Finding, cultivating & motivating Volunteers. A great resource by Eurordis  – great to use when you’re starting out your Volunteer process. Download here.
  • A Capacity Building Tool Kit put together by the NYDA with the support of the goverment of Flanders. Building our Youth for the Future – volunteer management for Civil Society Organisations. Download here.