Beneficiary details on your Cause dashboard

(For South African Causes only)

In corporate South Africa, beneficiary counts play a MAJOR role in evaluation, BBBEE reporting and M&E efforts.

With over 400 Causes on and YOUR CAUSE PROFILES exposed to many of our Corporate partners, Causes with the most up to date compliance documentation coupled with beneficiary count, would be a preferred Cause for strategic projects.

Information you’ll need:

  • What is your number of direct beneficiaries in South Africa (over the last year). WHO did your Cause help? This number does not include volunteers or employees.
  • Of those – what percentage of your beneficiaries are black?
  • Of your black beneficiaries – what percentage are female?
  • When did you last verify this information?

Where to find the Beneficiary Tab on your Cause profile

1. Sign in to your Cause Dashboard
2. Click on the “Edit my Profile” button on the right
3. Click on “Beneficiaries” button
4. Answer the questions

What does the term “Black Beneficiary” mean?
A “black” person is a South African citizen who is African, Indian or coloured.  A “beneficiary” is a person who receives economic benefits from the entity or organisation. 

If you don’t have any human beneficiaries (your Cause focuses on animals or the environment) – you can just add the number ZERO in all 3 fields and click save.

Important – we require Causes to update their beneficiary details annually.