Our BIG Cause Survey

At forgood, NPO/NPCs play an imperative role in what we do. We decided to dig a little deeper into our understanding of our Cause community by sending out a survey to approved Causes on forgood.

The results were fascinating! We received responses from almost 20% of our Causes and we learned so much about our value proposition.

Are we actually helping our Causes? What assistance do they GET through forgood? What do they WANT from forgood?

The resuls were so interesting we decided to share them with everyone!

You can click here to look at the presentation of the survey results.

Short Summary of what we learned:

  • Most of our Causes are located in a city
  • 46.5% of responses said their Cause’s annual turnover is between R0-R1 million
  • English is the main language used by those who manage forgood Cause profiles
  • Our Causes receive help mainly through: Volunteers & Goods Donations
  • The biggest need for Causes is financial contributions
  • Time is a very limited resource
  • It’s not easy to find reliable volunteers
  • This year has been hard, considering lockdown restrictions
  • Causes would like more interaction and training from forgood
  • Some fascinating website and tech ideas!

Its totally worth it for us! We love the platform. It’s another way of gaining exposure and forms part of our branding strategy.”

Big thanks to all the Causes who took part in our survey. We hear you loud and clear, and we can’t wait to implement your suggestions!

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