Part 3: Volunteering in a pandemic


Of those respondents who has not volunteered in 2020, nine out of ten said they plan to volunteer in the future, with 49% of those saying they would do so in 2021.

Half the research respondents said that easing of lockdown and control of the pandemic would motivate them to switch from not volunteering in 2020 to volunteering in the future.

Most interestingly though, is 24% claimed that time off from work to participate in volunteering initiatives would motivate them to volunteer, while prior to the pandemic, only 1% gave that as reason for volunteering.

The takeout here is simply, incentivise your employees – give them what we call “permission to play”.  This can be in the form of volunteer leave (an hour or day, and some of clients even offer a week!)

Providing future fundraising assistance is appealing to 43% of respondents, and the same number would like to provide professional services. 

The takeout:  Skills volunteering.  There are so many incredibly skilled volunteers across our ecosystem, with the potential of offering their professional skills, to Causes that would otherwise have to pay for these services or just entirely forgo them.

What Do Your Volunteers Want?

Two-thirds of volunteers in 2020 (65%) strongly agreed that a comprehensive employee volunteering programme is an important component of good corporate citizenship. If you don’t have a digital platform – you know who to call 😉

Almost a third (32%) of employees had considered their company’s employee volunteering programme when deciding to join the company. This is a big trend both in Europe and in the USA, especially around millennials.  They want to join a company not just for the big pay check, but a company that invests back into their community.  Profit alongside purpose. EVP is a great tool for employee engagement and retention.

Through this research, volunteering had a positive impact on skills, with 62% of volunteers agreeing that they had developed key skills to apply in their jobs through volunteering.  Read our case study on how our partner, Vodacom, accomplished this during the pandemic.

Volunteers had a very positive view of their companies, with over 92% agreeing that they would recommend the company as a good place to work – so this is not a surprise to us but an endorsement of what the real value of EVP is.

Most respondents were united in their thinking that in the future their companies need to improve awareness of their volunteering programmes provide more volunteering opportunities enable employees to select their own causes and communities to support.

Clear, concise communication, executive “buy in”, permission to play – all of these tactics supported by this research makes for a successful EVP.

Purpose alongside profit, breeds good sentiment

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If you would like to activate and matchmake your employees, with South Africa’s largest volunteering ecosystem, that is tailored to your brand, with thousands of virtual, COVID- safe and group friendly events, while measuring your impact in real time, give us a shout – we are happy to take you through a demo of our platform.

Let’s make 2022 the year of volunteering!

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