Promote your Cause profile

Once you’ve added some great Needs to your forgood profile (read how to do that here) – you can now tell the world about your NEEDS!

Just posting your Needs on forgood will get you a little bit of attention – there are more than 18,000 corporate employees registered on the platform after all. But to get REAL ATTENTION and GENERATE ACTION, you must market them. And we’re here to help amplify your marketing efforts.

YOUR CHALLENGE! Post a different Need to Facebook & Twitter EVERY week. Tag us and we’ll amplify your posts by sharing, liking and retweeting. The forgood social media community reaches between 50k and 100k people every month – use us to generate awareness for your Cause.

INSTRUCTIONS. Using the site, you can share your forgood Need or your Cause Profile directly to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn by using the SHARE buttons.
See below!


Want to craft your messaging a bit more? Watch this video to see how to find and promote your important links on social media

How to find your important links (URLs)
• Step 1: Log into your Cause dashboard
• Step 2: Click on My Needs
• Step 3: Select the Need you want to share, and click on View Need
• Step 4: Copy the link/URL by selecting it in the browser window and using right-click-copy or pressing Ctrl-C.
• Step 5: Open the social media site you want to share the Need to and PASTE the link into your post! Now you can add crafted messaging, additional pictures and more!

You can also share your Cause profile in the same way. Just go find it on Your Cause profile is like a mini-website, sharing this page with your followers means they can see exactly who you are, what you do, and how they can help.

PRO TIP: In your posts, actually ask your followers to SHARE your Needs with their friends. It’s an easy way you broaden your audience and database of supporters.

PRO TIP 2: Want us to amplify your posts? Tag us! To TAG forgood type @forgood in your Facebook post and click on our name, or type @forgoodSA in your Twitter post. If you tag us, we’ll share the post!