Raising the Bar of Soap Programme: An Avenue for Skills Development and Employment

The soap making programme, facilitated by forgood Social Network and implemented by Triple Shine Foundation, offers women across South Africa a unique opportunity to acquire valuable skills and become self-reliant. Through training and business mentorship, participants learn the art of soap making, enabling them to produce high-quality products for income generation.

What Triple Shine Foundation has achieved:

Empowering Women, One Job at a Time

Since December 2020, Triple Shine Foundation NPC has been a catalyst for change by creating 28 direct job opportunities for women. These jobs have not only provided financial independence but have also instilled a sense of purpose and self-belief in these women. By offering them a chance to unleash their potential, Triple Shine Foundation has empowered these individuals to realize their dreams, rewriting the narrative of their lives. With your corporate partnership, this number can be tripled.

Raising the Bar of Soap Programme: An Avenue for Skills Development and Employment

A Network of Opportunity

Beyond direct employment, Triple Shine Foundation has established a distributor programme that has indirectly impacted the lives of over 100 women, this has enabled women to embrace their entrepreneurial spirit and redefine their future.

From Waste to Hope

Environmental sustainability lies at the heart of this programme. The foundation has taken a stand against solid waste, rescuing 150 tons of soap from its grasp. Through innovative recycling initiatives, Triple Shine Foundation has not only reduced waste but also given new life to discarded soap. In this act of transformation, waste becomes a symbol of hope, reminding us of the profound impact we can have on our planet.

Spreading Love, Bar by Bar

A staggering 800 000 soap bars have been distributed by Triple Shine Foundation to those in need. This simple act of kindness has brought cleanliness and comfort to countless individuals, restoring their dignity and reminding them that they are not alone.

This programme has become an inspiration to us all, through the Foundation’s commitment to empowering women and preserving the environment.

Email contact@forgood.co.za. Let’s make a collective effort in creating a country where women have the opportunity to save and sustain their lives through saving soap.

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