Skilled millennials aren’t loyal – they’re realistic.

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More than 50% of millennials think your business is bad business.

They don’t believe your business is interested in helping society or in making a difference.  Right now, the top talent that you need to take your business into tomorrow is judging you and you’re probably failing. Is a lack of investment into social responsibility worth the R74 billion annual price tag?

What millennials want is a business that walks the corporate social investment (CSI) talk and that make real positive change. And when only 47% of millennials believe that your business really cares they leave to join the companies that do.

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Oxford Economics found that staff turnover cost UK businesses an average of £30,614 per employee. That’s skills development, training, productivity, culture fit – all gone in one move because a business refused to move from socially inept to socially aware. What do you think it costs in South Africa?

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The cost of ethics, transparency and social commitment is as high as paying attention to opportunity.  Build a good company by being in good company. Read more about how forgood gives your business the tools it needs to attract and retain talent. Millennial engagement is real and in your workplace, now.


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