Spring Clean… For Good!

Spring has sprung so it’s time to dust off your shelves, clean out your cupboards and organise that garage (or office, like we are doing at forgood)! But don’t let the fact that spring is here and it’s time to get ready for summer be the only reasons why you’re getting your home together this spring cleaning season. There are so many benefits that come by having a clean and organised house – benefits that help not only you, but can help others too!

The Benefits of a good Spring Clean!

It’s healthier!
Obviously, this goes without saying but a clean home is a happy home because it prevents dirt & bacteria that could be harmful to you and your family’s health.

It keeps you organised.
If your home is clean, there’s a good chance that it’s also organised. One of the best ways to be organised is to simply declutter your home by getting rid of your previously-loved belongings. How might we suggest you get rid of them? Make an Offer to donate them on forgood! You never know, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure 🙂

It makes you happy.
Which would make you happier: a dirty, cluttered and messy home or a tidy, organised and tranquil one? Hopefully you went with the latter – it fosters a stress-free environment and I don’t know about you but living stress-free is a pretty happy feeling.

It encourages productivity.
Studies show that people who both work and live in clean and organised spaces find it easier to concentrate, be more productive and efficient at work!

It promotes a calm environment.
Keeping your home clean and organised invites a relaxing atmosphere inside – keeping the chaos outside where it belongs!

It supports a minimalistic lifestyle.
If you work towards having an orderly & clean home, try taking the chance to live minimally! Not only is this a great tactic to live more environmentally friendly by consuming less, but you might find that you start purging your belongings more than usual. If you need some ideas on what items you might want to get rid of, check out our Spring Clean Campaign and see if you have any items that some of our Causes are looking for!

Overall, the sense of accomplishment you get by knowing that you’re creating a clean, organised environment that increases your productivity, supports an environmentally-friendly lifestyle (even the smallest effort counts!) and most importantly, has the potential to help others in need, is a win-win for all. So get out there and declutter, clean and organise your spaces!

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