#TopCause: The LifeMatters Foundation

Our latest #TopCause is The LifeMatters Foundation. We’re recognising them not only for the dedication that they put into their profile on forgood, but for the work that they do in the communities they are present in. We interviewed them to learn a little more about who they are to share with, and inspire you.

Who are you and what do you do?

The LifeMatters Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides holistic support to under-resourced schools in Cape Town. We provide academic support through our Literacy (the Shine Literacy Hour) Programme and our Numeracy Programme. We also provide Life Skills support through our Teenage Awareness Programme, our Counselling Programme and the Grade 7 Camp.

Our Purpose Statement: The LifeMatters Foundation believes that every life matters and deserves our help to build strong foundations, discover their worth and reach their full potential.

Our Mission Statement: Our mission is to provide holistic support in the form of academic and life skills intervention so that all children are intellectually, emotionally, socially, physically and spiritually equipped to reach their full potential and become active citizens.

Why did you get started?

The LifeMatters Foundation (LMF) was founded in 2002 after a need for counsellors in underprivileged schools was identified. We discovered that children were dis-empowered to remain in the school system due to their inability to cope with the increasing academic demands and the negative influences of the impoverished communities in which they live and go to school.

After some time, it became obvious that the children we were working with needed academic support due to large class sizes, overwhelmed and under-supported educators and the challenges of learning in a language that is not the home language. These needs led to our partnership with Shine Literacy and the development of our own Numeracy Intervention Programme.

What is a story that keeps you going?

Inam came on our programme as an ‘At Risk’ learner. We took a leap of faith and chatted to the teacher and took him on the programme. He did so well and is now reading the highest green level readers! He has graduated from our programme and won’t be back next year because he has done so well. We will miss him but are so proud of him!

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