Virtual Volunteering in Action. Creating a presentation during lockdown.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, Laurianne Unger and her husband donated to various Causes, as there were so many people displaced and in desperate need. Laurianne (who works as a manager in the Global Leadership Centre at Standard Bank) and her husband found themselves making sandwiches, donating to various governmental initiatives, animal shelters, to their local church, and even to individual families. She realised she could also use her skills to create impact, and helped one of our Causes, Khulisa Social Solutions – create a valuable PowerPoint presentation.

Here is her story:

“One day (during lockdown) I noticed an email from Standard Bank on forgood, another way for us to be able to give back, not only during this tough economical time, but also going forward.  I followed the link and was taken to a platform that would open so many doors not only for those wanting to give, but those institutions needing assistance. What I loved most about this platform, is that it provided an opportunity for those wanting to give back, to decide how we want to, where we want to, and who – providing opportunities to donate items, money or skills.

Skills was something I never imagined one could donate, but wow, what a fantastic idea, perhaps someone is not in a financial position to give money, this means now that they can share their skills and still make a lasting impact on those in need. I decided to try this and through the fantastic search criterion, I was able to find various organisations in Johannesburg that needed some of the office and computer program skills that I have developed over the years. 

I read each one’s requirements, and it was then that I was paired with an organisation that would touch and change my life, as much as I impacted theirs – Khulisa Social Solutions.

I sent an email stating that I would like to help them with creating a PowerPoint Presentation for their organisation, and in no time I had Lesley Anne Van Selm, the founder, emailing me – this too has turned into a flourishing, and nurturing friendship, attending workshops, and even an invitation extended to me to please remain with them, even after this project is done, as I have now become part of their family.

I was tasked with creating a presentation on their organisation, their values, vision, stakeholders, programs and future vision – to my surprise this 20-year-old organisation had nothing like this, so for me, this was really going to test my skills, and I only but hoped that I could exceed their expectations.

In the end when presented, Lesley and her team were beyond happy, and yes, as I was hoping, this has exceeded their expectations. They now have a template to showcase their incredible organisation and programs to future investors and stakeholders.

Initially my intention was to just give back, but the reality is that in turn I have gotten back so much more, and I have told as many people as I can about this incredible platform, the likes of which I have not seen before – life changing stuff!

Thank you Laurianne for the valuable input you offered to this Cause! We’re ending this story with a note from Khulisa Social Solutions:

By applying her creativity in producing this presentation, she has eloquently positioned Khulisa in a cutting-edge manner which we are convinced will single us out as an NGO that has a true offering for our multiple partners.”

Visit Khulisa Social Solutions on forgood.

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