Virtual Volunteering in Action. Designing and mentoring during lockdown.

Shabana Patel, who works as a Senior Actuarial Analyst at Momentum Metropolitan used her time and skills to help two forgood Causes during lockdown. She designed posters for a campaign by Missing Children South Africa that tackles the ‘colour’ of missing children. She is also a mentor to a Grade 11 student at the Phakamani Young Minds Academy.

Here is her story:

“Giving back is something I always try to do and have been doing for many years – even if it is something as simple as a kind word or smile 😃

When lockdown hit South Africa and many processes went virtual, I saw an opportunity for myself to give back in a way that would suit me best. My current commitments do not allow me to offer much of my physical time (being a mum of three little kids and holding a full time job) but I am available after hours. The Momentum Metropolitan forgood platform made finding these opportunities so seamless and I was so happy that I could be of some use.

Missing Children South Africa in particular, is a Cause close to my heart that resonated with me immediately. I am in the Actuarial Solutions Design team with no graphic design experience. I enjoy graphic designing as a hobby. So this was really a good cause where I got to develop a hobby, help out and this experience was truly rewarding.”

Tom from Missing Children did a video for me to say Thank You and I can’t explain to you how wonderful it made me feel.

Why did Shabana choose Virtual Volunteering ?

Virtual volunteering is an enabler, allowing me to volunteer from home which is what I am able to do now as mum of three little kids.

My PYMA mentee, Hloni and I are getting along so well. She is writing her Gr 11 exams at the moment and we just recently had our first face-to-face meeting!

Patronella Sono, Staff Volunteer Programme Specialist at Momentum Metropolitan Group CSI thanked Shabana for her volunteering work.

“After a full day focusing on her work deliverables, she still has motherly duties… But after putting her kids to bed, she takes the time to help others, not only after hours but also during the week, in between meetings!”

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    1. It really is just wonderful to see how skills can be used by such amazing people to help our Causes!

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