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We met Kristia van Heerden, a financial educator and journalist, when she presented an education session to the forgood staff. Whilst preparing for that session, Kristia decided to volunteer with the Seriti Institute.

Initially, she wanted to volunteer for a data capturing position, because she wanted to do something she could do from home in her free time (virtual volunteering for the win!) However, following her interview with the Seriti team, they felt her professional skills could be helpful in both their public relations and financial education departments.

Here is her story

I have so much respect and admiration for the work of the Seriti Institute. In addition to their own community farming and early childhood development (ECD) initiatives, they compound their community impact by providing resources and training to other nonprofit organisations. The team is incredibly professional and capable. It’s been an honour to be part of that cause. 

I helped the communications department in various ways. I edited an annual report, which was a great way for me to learn about the work of the institute. I also helped them draft editorials for publication in The Mail and Guardian. 

I led the inaugural financial training seminar. In this series, the Seriti Institute helps other nonprofits put in place necessary financial systems. This is a wonderful, practical initiative that will be of great value to other community service organisations.

“Kristia has been volunteering with us since the end of last year, and is strengthening the development of the Seriti PARTNER Programme with expert knowledge of basic finance training and advice for members. She is also supporting the development of Op-eds with the Communications Officer.”

Seriti Institute

Kristia’s advice to others who would like to help a Cause but may not know where to start:

Find an organisation that does something you care a lot about. I was attracted to the Seriti Institute because of their community gardening programme. Food security should be a priority for us all.

Once I knew which cause I wanted to back, a conversation revealed where I could be most helpful. It’s been a wonderful experience.

Visit Seriti Institute on forgood.

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