Virtual Volunteering in Action. Newsletter design during lockdown.

On 15 July 2020, Sedicka Johnson was browsing around forgood and found a volunteering opportunity where a Cause was asking for help designing a newsletter. It was a great match to her skillset, so she decided to connect to the South African Education Project (SAEP) to help out.

Even though South Africa was in lockdown and Sedicka wasn’t able to physically go to the Cause, the Internet proved a great tool to get the work done. This is Virtual Volunteering in action!

I had an awesome experience with this cause – from beginning to end. We scheduled an initial call so that they could understand what I had to offer and then we agreed on actions and timelines. We were in constant communication so everyone’s needs and expectations were then met.

For the rest of the time, our communication was via email. Since I was working on their project in the evenings, I appreciate that they were very prompt.

We had a good match of what they were looking for and what I could offer. It was an absolute pleasure to work with the team.”

We asked Sedicka why she chose to use her spare time, in the evenings, to help a Cause on forgood:

I volunteer for two reason. Firstly, to make a difference, even if I’m only playing a supporting role. Secondly, I want my kids to grow up helping others, so I need to model that behaviour.

I’ve volunteered with forgood a few times and will continue to do so. I feel that even though I am not volunteering in-person, I’m still making a difference by supporting organisations that are doing the really hard work.

The flexibility of this platform, allows me to work on projects after hours and this is a big plus for me. I’m unable to commit to long-term volunteering so forgood has been perfect, as it offers short-term projects that I can complete at home. It also caters to my specific need, as I try to volunteer with organisations that focus on women and children. Forgood has made it easy for me to do so.

It’s a great platform to bring volunteers and causes together. The process of registering and volunteering, giving and receiving feedback, is super easy. I’d encourage those who are interested in volunteering, to try forgood. No matter what your skill/ability or how much time you have, you can make a difference.

Thank you Sedicka! The Cause really appreciate your time and effort!

We caught up with SAEP to round off the story…

Our newsletter design and distribution went smoothly and well because we had a really good designer, she was responsive to our requests and had lovely fresh ideas. It was a pleasure.  Thanks to Sedicka and to forgood,” said Laura Schultz from South African Education Project (SAEP).

Visit the South African Education Project on forgood.

Have you gone Virtual Volunteering yet?

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