Virtual Volunteering in Action. Providing translation services during #Lockdown

Vuyi Gwala, from Pietermaritzburg, was keen to give Virtual Volunteering a go. She found an opportunity on forgood to use her language skills to do some translation for The Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA). She felt moved to get out there (digitally) and help a Cause during #lockdown: “…it was the very least I could do during this time”.

Vuyi shared her experience with us.

During this lockdown period, I just really wanted to do something for others. I wanted to help, but didn’t know how. Searching the net, I came across forgood and I opted for virtual volunteering. I signed up and about 2 days later CANSA contacted me.

I’ve translated their media content (English to IsiZulu) … I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it; I think more so because I knew it was helping others. They (CANSA) recently presented me with a certificate of service during Covid-19… I honestly was not looking to be presented with anything. I’ve loved working with them, for them… so much that I’ve asked them if I can continue, which they’ve appreciated.

“Thank you for forgood, for the good that you allow us to do for others. Thing is, I’ve always wanted to do some form of volunteer work and this has just been awesome!”

We asked Vuyi why she chose to use her spare time to help one of our Causes.

“It gives me a sense of joy, knowing I can do something. There is greater happiness in giving than in receiving” 

Thanks for using your skills to do good, Vuyi! It really does make a difference. Let’s end Vuyi’s story with a bit input from CANSA, the organisation she helped…

Vuyi is a wonderful volunteer. She helped us immensely with translations into IsiZulu including Research material, COVID-19 infographics and media releases. Vuyi is always willing to help and her accurate translations are always punctual.

CANSA cannot thank forgood enough for this great initiative of virtual volunteering. We gained so many new professional volunteers during lockdown which really helped us through this difficult time.

Visit The Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) on forgood.

Have you gone Virtual Volunteering yet?

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  1. I am impressed by her initiative and may she enhance her leadership traits into various fields in order to contribute to the development of SA

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