Virtual Volunteering. WHAT it is and WHY it’s so important to harness the power of remote help!

Virtual volunteering is a term describing a volunteer who completes tasks, in whole or in part, off-site from the organisation or person being assisted, using the Internet and a computer, tablet, smartphone or other Internet-connected device.

With our “new normal”, Causes need to adapt to make use of skilled volunteers who can do necessary tasks and activities from the safety and comfort of their homes and offices.

All the corporates who use forgood to run their employee volunteering programmes are focusing on virtual volunteering opportunities at the moment. This means Causes need to adapt their fundraising ideas, and find activities which can be done without any physical contact.

Virtual Volunteering Event Ideas

Note for our forgood Causes: these ideas translate very well into “Needs” that you can load onto your forgood profile. For most of them, you can ask for volunteers to help you plan beforehand, and also volunteers to attend/help/manage the activity on the day. Load two separate needs, to make sure you get all the help you can for these events.

  • Asking people to record videos of their jobs or hobbies to share with and inspire young learners.
  • Arranging an online brainstorming session to help you with specific organisational or project problem solving. Do you have a fundamental problem and you have no idea how to start solving it? Ask the experts!
  • Hosting online reading sessions for children (you will need to make sure you have available data and a stable internet connection). You can load a request for data as a seperate Goods Need on your forgood profile.
  • Hosting an online quiz. Lots of planning involved – ask for help! People love doing something “fun” and still helping a good Cause. It’s a win-win! You can also get a volunteer to be your Zoom “MC” for the event!
  • Hosting a virtual concert. This can be live or pre-recorded.
  • Hosting online exercise classes. Get a couple of fitness experts to use their love for exercise and help others get fit. If this isn’t for your beneficiaries, you could even charge a small fee and do some fundraising!
  • Hosting a virtual book club.
  • Webinars. Find a topic you or someone at your Cause enjoys talking about. Invite “volunteers” to learn from you, and use the audience to explain exactly what your Cause does.
  • Virtual races or bikeathons. Great fundraising opportunities.
  • Virtual Awards Ceremony. Get a Zoom “MC”. Get a rent-a-crowd to appreciate your beneficiaries or graduates from your programmes.
  • Virtual tutoring. Get those school results by using volunteers to mentor. This doesn’t even need fancy video conferencing – some incredible tutoring has already been accomplished, just on WhatsApp!
  • Virtual mentoring. Priortise support in these hard times. Whether it’s mentoring for your organisation’s leadership or mentoring for beneficiaries in development programmes – there are many experienced individuals out there with a lot to give.
  • Donating food vouchers. This is a great need for those individuals who don’t necessarily have time to help. Vouchers are safer and easier to manage than actual, physical donations. Of course, if you’ve been invited to forgood Money Donations, you can use those too!
  • Rally help by asking volunteers to complete online petitions to effect change.
  • Host a virtual challenge. Have a look at this amazing iniative by Critter Rescue SA below…

Plant a Spekboom! #spekboomchallenge! Everyone should know by now that our very own #proudlysouthafrican Spekboom is a miracle plant! It helps remove a lot of carbon dioxide from the air. Our first challenge is for each of you to PLANT A #SPEKBOOM! For each challenge completed, we will send you a certificate for you to proudly display!

Steps to follow 👇
1. Buy A Spekboom 🤲
2. Plant your Spekboom! 🌱
3. Take a picture of you and your Spekkie! 📸
4. Send your photo to us 📧
5. We will post your photo on our page and send you a certificate of completion of challenge! 🙌
Go forth and help us make the earth a better place!

Aside from all the “event type” Needs we listed above (which are all more team-orientated), you can always ask for skilled individuals to help you with tasks you either don’t have the skills or time to do (or the funds to pay a professional to do).

Skilled tasks and “business services” that work within Virtual Volunteering:

  • Copywriting
  • Bookkeeping
  • Designing
  • Web development
  • Legal advice
  • Architectural advice
  • Proposal writing
  • Tutoring (online)
  • Mentoring (online or via WhatsApp)
  • Helping with newsletter creation
  • Assisting with social media posts
  • Running your social media profiles
  • Digital Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Setting up remote software (like Google for Causes)
  • Upskilling your employees through online courses
  • Presenting informative sessions to students (eg. financial education)

Asking for help with important organisational tasks will make your life easier, freeing you up to run your Cause more efficiently and create more impact!

Take a look at some of our best virtual volunteering opportunities, created by Causes who think out the box to get the help they need. We feature the best virtual volunteering opportunities on this campaign every week – and this campaign runs on almost all of forgood’s corporate employee volunteering programmes. Don’t you want to be featured?

Let’s go virtual together!

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  1. You mention mentoring a couple of times above, and as far as we at the National Mentorship Movement know we are the only organisation which exists to manage the relationships between mentors and mentees, and would love to be featured. We work with many organisations whose beneficiaries could benefit from mentor support, as well as with many mentees directly, and have have managed well over 1 000 relationships in the last five years.

    1. National Mentorship Movement is a key Cause for us – especially because you are so experienced at managing virtual mentors. Thank you!

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