Volunteer Your Time With Your Professional Skills

Law firms have been the best practitioners of the pro bono approach for creating social impact for some time now. Presenting a valuable opportunity for businesses to up-skill their staff, the idea is splintering out to other industries too. Increasingly so, companies are encouraging employees to provide their professional services to nonprofit organisations (NPOs) at no cost. These unstructured volunteer programmes enable staff to strengthen and diversify their skill sets, which makes them more valuable to their bosses and more engaged with the brand they represent.

“A skilled and experienced workforce is any company’s most valuable asset. It doesn’t matter whether an employee has gained his or her skills on a paid-for or pro bono basis,”

For the NPO’s receiving the professional services, corporate volunteerism creates greater capacity by providing access to services that are needed but are typically expensive. Professionals can, for example, offer to streamline bookkeeping processes, assess and assist a Cause campus with their electrical needs, curate and plan a nutritious menu for an organisation’s young learners or develop a fundraising strategy.

What does this mean for you and what do we suggest?

Seeing your favourite NPO grow, receive more donations and make an even greater impact as a result of your professional involvement leads to a great sense of achievement. Having purpose alongside the standard business profit motive drives self-confidence, professional self-worth, and happiness. In turn, this results in greater productivity and satisfaction at work. This makes being part of your company’s volunteering programmes worth it in so many ways – to more than just you.

So find an Opportunity on forgood (or create your own), get out there and use your professional skills to help others! Get involved with your company’s corporate social investment programme and if your company doesn’t have a CSI programme, encourage them to get one (and point them our way)!

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