We’re hiring an Operations Director (Position Closed)

Please don’t spam us with your CV. We’ll ignore any candidates that do not follow the instructions in this job spec. We’re different. You’ll see.

Forgood is a technology platform that connects people who want to make a difference – to the Causes that need their help. We drive both revenue and impact through a Software-as-a-Service product that we sell into corporate South Africa as a tool to create, manage and measure Employee Volunteering Programmes. This platform is used by 18 major brands with 20k+ employees already signed up.

We need an all rounder, someone ready to get their hands dirty where need be.

Go watch this. If it resonates, read on…

YOU MUST WANT: To work with a fast-paced techy bunch, in a non-traditional position that will require a whole lot of communication, OCD excel skills, and the opportunity to have lots of patience.

YOU MUST BE ABLE TO: Work fast, think big and leave your ego at the door. Also, share your passion, be energetic, solve problems on your feet and obsess over the details. Lastly, commit. We’re not going to sink blood, sweat, tears, time and champagne (our celebration method of choice
currently) into someone who’s going to bounce when things get hard. You’re in this for 2-4 years or you’re not in it at all.

YOU MUST BE: Comfortable with technology. We’re serious about this. You need to love the Internet, be fluent in online platforms and understand your URL from your Excel (actually, you need to understand a lot more than that – but you get our point!)


  • Maintain and manage smooth operations across forgood
    • Build, maintain and embed processes for our systems and services in teams across forgood
    • Understand, maintain and own supplier relationships. This includes:
      • Infrastructure (e.g. Vox, RocketNet, Telkom, Mailchimp)
      • Insurance (Barkers)
      • Support (e.g. IT, FreshDesk)
      • Office and Maintenance
  • Strategic Projects & Industry Participation
    • Assist with research, development and execution of tactical projects
    • Research best practice and policy around employee volunteering / employee engagement
    • Research and learning about our clients, Causes, technology, competitors and the CSI industry
    • Create and deliver presentations and thought leadership where relevant
    • Leverage networking opportunities to position and increase the power of the forgood brand.
    • Help develop and execute company strategy
    • Create, manage and execute strategic projects, products and additional revenue streams. Keep us thinking BIG, growing FAST and enabling IMPACT.
  • Finance:
    • Attend monthly finance meetings
    • Matching programme, ensure donations on behalf of client and recon
    • Reporting:  creating structures and processes for the above.
    • Invoice and budget recon
    • Assist with diversified revenue recons (profit and loss)
  • IT / Dev
    • Assist the CTO with a product roadmap and the implementation
    • Compliance
    • Ticket Management
    • Bug testing and communication with affected parties
  • Legal
    • Create and deliver presentations and thought leadership where relevant
    • Leverage networking opportunities to position and increase the power of the forgood brand.
  • General
    • Organise office get togethers
    • Office shopping
    • Office organisation
  • Event Management:
    • Assist in person at all our events
    • Procurement of suppliers
    • Assistance with event and project budgets
  • Programme Management team
    • Sign off on quotes created for clients
    • Reports: checking reports and getting them 100% perfect
    • Presentations: checking presentations
    • Monitor Freshdesk
    • Manage Cause and Volunteer quality and the process
  • HR:
    • Keeping track of leave days
    • Assist in hiring process across the company
  • Be a team player
    • Contribute to and build our culture. Drive us forward.
    • Assist with other projects using spare capacity.
    • Learn and teach something new as often as possible.
    • Contribute to and have fun on our social media channels

Qualifications and experience required

  • A tertiary qualification, preferably in a communications, product management or operations. If you don’t have a degree, prove to us why you don’t need it.
  • Minimum of 10 years of work experience in a similar position.
  • Comfortable talking to people – over the phone, over email and in person. Be a people’s person.
  • Comfortable in a tech environment and understand your URL from your Excel.
  • Strong writing, editing, creative and communications skills.
  • Attention to detail. This is a detail orientated job – if you’ve got your head in the clouds – this one isn’t for you.
  • Able to work independently, consistently and be proactive.
  • Tech savvy on web, mobile and all modern software tools used inside the technology industry
  • Excellent verbal and written communication
  • Organised and able to meet deadlines
  • Social sector experience preferable
  • Freshdesk experience, Mailchimp & NPS = bonus


Too many people in South Africa just click apply on every job that’s out there. That doesn’t work for us because it doesn’t show that you CARE. It doesn’t tell us that you REALLY WANT THIS ROLE. You gotta do your research and put some effort in – or rather don’t.

Please answer these questions.

  1. Tell us about a high-pressure work situation you have experienced – and what did you learn from it?
  2. What does an outcomes-based culture mean to you?
  3. How do you think our product (www.forgood.co.za) can be improved?
  4. What do YOU have that makes you think you are the person for this role?

Salary: Market and experience-related. We believe in growing people quickly. You deliver, you keep growing.

Email your answers along with your CV to Romy – contact@forgood.co.za.


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