Who’s who in the forgoodhood?

Introducing the crazy bunch of social impact creators who make up the teams at forgood! Here’s the team in 2020…

Romy Heldsinger (CEO)

Romy is passionate about creating meaningful impact between people, corporates and Causes.  She has spent a good part of her career in the media & marketing industry, gaining experiences in areas such as publishing, television and digital marketing, until finding out her passion was “doing good” and wanted to work in an industry that allowed her to follow her dream.

While forgood is her primary job function by day, Romy also enjoys working with animals and is a mother to a twin boy and girl, Raphael & Sefora. 

Joshua Lewis (CTO)

Joshua is a software developer and heads up the forgood Developer Team. He is also a husband and father of two. Aspiring well-rounded human being. cis-het he/his/him. His most important contribution to the forgood team is his constant stream of dad jokes.

Mashadi Letwaba (Programme Director)

Mashadi is a BCOM honours graduate from the University of the Witwatersrand, who believes in putting the customer first in everything you do. She enjoys creating memorable experiences that make people smile and is passionate about using technology to save lives.

Mashadi is also an entrepreneur at heart, running two businesses of her own. However, her most important job is being mom to baby Amile.

Busisiwe Chauke (Programme Manager)

Busisiwe, an Audio-visual Production Management graduate, started her career in the media space as an analyst and went on to hold various roles, including Brand Manager and Marketing Manager. Her achievements include being awarded Product Manager of the Year 2016 at On The Dot, the largest multichannel media logistics company in South Africa.

Busi’s greatest achievement though, is becoming a mother. This role is the inspiration behind The Father’s Lap, an NPO that she founded to support charities that focus on children and the youth. In addition to the amazing opportunity to do good through her work at forgood, this is her most personal contribution to changing communities by starting with their future leaders.

Her motto behind the work that she does is simple, “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken adults.” Frederick Douglass

Bokang Mokoena (Programme Manager)

Bokang (or BeeKay as we call him) is passionate about the after-school programmes, community and youth development. He started his career journey at the age of 18 years and holds a lot of experience in the non-profit sector. He’s also a founding board member at Phakamani Young Minds Academy – an NPO assisting young people to escape poverty through education. He previously volunteered with different civil organizations both locally and internationally working with children and youth.

In 2019 he was recognized for the Top 100 Young Independents (TYI) a very prestigious campaign inspiring and aspiring young leaders from across sub-Saharan Africa. Beekay’s purpose in life is making a contribution that will exist far beyond the time he’s no longer alive.

Faye Pillai (Programme Manager)

Forming part of the programme managers at forgood, Faye is passionate about many things but her top 3 are :

  • Music
  • Helping people
  • Travel & Tourism

Faye’s passion for the first two are immeasurable and cannot be put ahead of each other. Faye’s career consists of a decade in strategy, marketing and brand management. She also has experience in project management and is especially passionate about growing team members to achieve their full potential.

Faye is a firm believe that with passion, motivation and a great attitude, anyone can triumph in the workplace. She enjoys travelling to new places, loves adventure, loves sport and her music collection is one of her prized gems.

Stephanie Makhlouf (Programme Manager)

Stephanie recently returned from a stint in Amsterdam where she was chosen as an Ethics Ambassador for Booking.com’s Amsterdam local office. She has nine years’ experience in Media, Public Relations and Customer Service industries with a passion for building and maintaining customer relationships and delivering excellent service. One of her greatest achievements came in 2016 where she managed a client project delivering Christmas gifts to five charities across Johannesburg over three days with no budget.

A movie-buff at heart (with a collection of 700+ DVDs), she’s a purveyor of the useless movie facts you never knew you always wanted to know. She considers herself a life-long student, taking every opportunity she can get to learn through podcasts, reading and documentaries. She’s also a keen baker thanks to her Greek heritage and is the guru for the best foodie spots around town.

She considers her “why” to be: Adding value to people through my diverse set of skills so that they can reach their full potential. After her time overseas she is more inspired than ever to help everyday South Africans build abundant lives and not only succeed but thrive.

Rudi von Staden (Software engineer)

Rudi is part of the Developer Team. He has been active in the nonprofit technology space since 2003 when he helped turn a student volunteer project into a successful NGO which helped Causes use technology strategically. He is a founder and board member of mLab Southern Africa, a tech startup lab based in Pretoria, and previously coordinated technical development at James 1:27 Trust, an innovative Cause which uses technology to enable information management, reporting, fundraising and sponsor relations within the Orphan and Vulnerable Children sector. He loves being in the overlap between technology and social impact.

Rudi is an avid bikepacker and the forgood team lives vicariously through his adventures.

Nerissa Roberts (Cause & HR Manager)

Nerissa was a photojournalist before a short stint in copywriting led her to start thinking about using her skills to contribute to good causes. She got involved with the South African Haemophilia Foundation, which helped her understand the need for professional input in non-profit organisations. Nerissa started working at forgood as a community manager in 2013 and is currently the cause and operations manager.

Nerissa is also a Patient Voices Ambassador at Rare Diseases South Africa, where she raises awareness of Haemophilia A, a rare genetic bleeding disorder. At home she is mom to Ezra (10) who has Haemophilia A, and Calista (5) who is already training to be a nurse.

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