Your Cause Profile Quality & Engagement Score

Causes on forgood are measured by a Profile Quality & Engagement Score. This helps us determine which of our Causes are using their forgood profiles correctly, and are up to date with compliance. We use this score to select “Top Causes” for certain projects. Causes with a low score will get deactivated as it is imperitave for Causes to actively use their profiles.

Where to see your Profile Quality & Engagement Score

You need to be logged in, and on your dashboard. If you’re not sure how to do this, watch our video here. On your dashboard, you will see your Profile Quality & Engagement Score at the top right.

Calculation of your Cause Profile Quality & Engagement Score:

Your Profile Quality & Engagement Score is calculated as follows:

  • NEEDS = 40%. If you have 5 active needs, you will get 40% towards your score. 40% is the maximum percent which you can earn for active needs. Zero active needs will mean you have 0% for this section. For more information on how to load new needs, please click here.
  • RATINGS = 30%. You must rate all unrated activities in order to get the full 30% of this section. If you’re unsure how ratings work, please take a look at this page.
  • UPDATE YOUR BENEFICIARIES AMOUNT = 15%. You need to, once a year, update the number of direct annual beneficiaries impacted by your Cause. We have a dedicated page to explain how to do so here. If your beneficiaries amount has been updated over the last year, you will earn 15% towards your profile score.
  • TAX COMPLIANCE = 15%. An updated Tax Compliance Pin is extremely important. Causes need to upload a new, valid document before their current Tax Clearance information expires. This should be done annually, and you will earn 15% towards your score making sure your document is valid. You can watch the section “How to update your documents” on this post.

If you get a notification from us that your Cause Profile & Engagement Score is low, you can take the following actions:

  • Make sure your Tax Compliance document is updated (once a year)
  • Make sure you have updated Beneficiaries information (once a year)
  • Load more NEEDS
  • Rate any unrated activities you may have

If you have done all of that, your profile score should be high and you are then seen as a Top forgood Cause!