If your Cause doesn’t meet forgood’s requirements, you won’t be able to register with us. Here is some useful information on what you have to do to become compliant to work with us:

Information on legal entities (e.g. NPO vs NPC):

Sample documents:

  • Model Constitution for a Voluntary Association (with General Members). Download here.
  • Sworn Affadavit – B-BBEE Exempted Micro Enterprise – specialised entity – General. (Sample B-BBEE affadavit for NPO’s). Download here.

All you need to know about SARS:

Other resources on compliance:

  • Codes of Good Practice for South African NPO’s. Sections include: Leadership & Management; Fundraising and Resource Mobilisation; Roles and responsibilities of Donors and Sponsors. Download here.
  • NPO Risk Management & Governance. Includes a very helpful overview as well as a framework for Governance and Ethics. Download here.
  • King IV Report. Explanation of Terms, Fundamental Concepts and distinguishing features of King IV. Download here.